Why You Should Take Fender Benders Seriously

Why You Should Take Fender Benders Seriously

Even if you’re a careful driver, there is a good chance you’ll wind up in a fender bender at some point. When this happens, you might be tempted to skip taking your car to the auto body shop and submitting an insurance claim. Yet, even if you only gently backed into a utility pole or tapped someone else’s bumper, a fender bender can cause hidden damage that may compromise your car’s overall integrity. It’s always best to bring it in for an evaluation—just in case.

Electrical System Failure

Even a light tap to your car’s bumper can damage its fragile electrical system. At first, you might not notice the effects of loosened wires. However, when those wires short your car may experience a range of malfunctions. These can include inoperable power windows and door locks. Furthermore, if the battery connector is knocked out of its proper position, the battery may not be able to recharge. When you take your car to a collision center, the technician can examine the electrical system to ensure everything is connected and working properly.

Improper Alignment

It’s not uncommon for a fender bender to cause the wheels to be forced out of their proper alignment. This will cause your car to pull to one side, even if the steering wheel is straight. Although this might not seem like a major issue at first, an improper alignment will cause the tread on your tires to wear down unevenly, so they’ll need to be replaced sooner. You can avoid this expense by having a technician perform an alignment after your fender bender.

Suspension System Problems

A vehicle’s suspension system is prone to damage even during low-speed collisions. It’s even possible for the suspension system to sustain damage if you hit a pothole. If the suspension system sustains damage it will affect how your car handles, so it’s best to get it repaired quickly.

After a fender bender, residents of Tucson can turn to the certified technicians at National Auto Collision Centers for honest estimates and expert repair work. We provide everything from minor repairs and paint touch-ups to major repairs such as frame straightening. You can call our auto body shop on Grant Road at (520) 623-4959 to request an appointment.