Why Duct Tape Is Not a Lasting Solution for a Broken Bumper

Some car owners like to keep a trusty roll of duct tape in their vehicle emergency kits. Duct tape can certainly be handy for patching up a bumper temporarily, but only if the car is safe to drive to the body shop. It definitely shouldn’t be used for a long-term repair solution.

Broken bumpers can cause serious road hazards.

One of the most compelling reasons to get your bumper professionally fixed at a body shop is its potential to cause harm to someone else. Duct tape is pretty strong, but it’s not invincible. At some point, that broken bumper or a piece of it is going to fall off, particularly if you drive on roads with lots of potholes. When it does fall off, you probably won’t notice it—you’ll just keep on driving. That means the broken bumper piece is going to stay on the road, where it can potentially puncture someone else’s tires.

A broken bumper will likely prevent you from selling your car.

When you go shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, you probably prefer to test drive vehicles that are intact. You probably wouldn’t give a car a second glance if the bumper was being held together by duct tape, right? Eventually, you’ll want to sell your car. If you want car buyers to be interested in your wheels, you’ll need to make the vehicle look presentable. Even if you did manage to find someone interested in buying a patched-up vehicle, you certainly won’t get top dollar for it. Getting the bumper replaced instead should pay for itself when it’s time to sell your car.

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