What to Do If You Witness a Car Crash

What to Do If You Witness a Car Crash

While car accidents happen every day, it can still be shocking to see one unfold in real time. If you are a witness to a car crash, there are a few things you should do to help those involved. Safety is a top priority following any auto accident, so take the following steps to keep yourself and the drivers involved in the accident safe.

Call 911

Even if you’re at a busy intersection and a lot of people have witnessed the same accident, you should never assume that 911 has been called. Pull over if you’re driving your own vehicle and call 911 to report the details of the accident. If the dispatcher assesses that officers are needed at the scene, stick around so that you can provide your account of the accident to the police. 

Check to See If Anyone Is Injured

Always use caution when approaching an accident. If you witness an altercation between drivers, keep your distance. Alternatively, if there is a fire or other significant physical hazard, stay back. Otherwise, check in to see if any parties are injured and need assistance. Report any injuries you identify to the 911 dispatcher. Avoid providing any first aid to injured parties unless you are a qualified medical professional, since you could face personal injury liabilities later on. 

Take Pictures 

It may be helpful for you to write down an account of what you saw during the accident. Not only will your account be helpful in a police report, but your input may help determine insurance disputes between drivers. In addition, pictures of the vehicles and the surroundings of the accident can be helpful, as vehicles will likely be quickly moved out of the way of traffic. 

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