Tips for Taking Care of Your New Tires

Tips for Taking Care of Your New Tires

When you get new tires, the way you take care of them will determine how long it is before you’re back in the market for a replacement set. With a simple maintenance effort, you can keep your tires in top condition for as long as possible and reduce the risk of auto collisions caused by tire blowouts. To get the most out of your new tires, follow this advice. 

Check the Air Pressure

Most people don’t check the air pressure in their tires unless they think there is a problem, but in reality, you should check it at least once a month—and more often is better. Because temperature is a factor in air pressure, check tires before you drive on them. Ideally, check them at approximately the same time of day every time—the morning is best—so you can spot ongoing issues easily. If you suspect one of your tires could have a leak, visit your tire shop for the necessary repairs.  

Get Your Tires Rotated

All tires need to be rotated, but the frequency at which you should do it depends on your vehicle and the make of the tires. If you are on factory tires that came with your car, consult the owner’s manual to see how often you should have them rotated. If you have a newer tire, find out what the manufacturer recommends. For many people, tire rotations line up with oil changes, allowing them to get the two services conveniently performed at one time. 

Inspect Your Tires’ Tread

Periodic visual inspections of your tires can tell you a lot. Look for signs of uneven wear, which could mean that you have an alignment issue. If the tread is starting to wear down, check its depth using a quarter. Insert the quarter head-down in the area in which the tread looks the most worn to see if George Washington’s head is visible. If you can see his whole head, then your tread is dangerously low and could lead to an accident. 

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