The Dangers Of Loose Items In Your Car During An Accident

The Dangers Of Loose Items In Your Car During An Accident

Many drivers are extremely conscientious about driving defensively and being as cautious as possible on the road. They keep their cars well maintained and observe all posted speed limits and traffic regulations. However, one potential auto collision hazard that many people overlook when they are behind the wheel is the danger of loose items in their cars. Loose items can become significant dangers in even minor collisions, yet many people are unaware of the risk. Here is what you need to know about the dangers of loose items in your car during an accident.


Unrestrained items can become projectiles due to the force of an auto collision.

When you are in an accident, your car is subjected to a great deal of force. This force throws you and your passengers forward and backwards, and it does the same thing with anything else in your car that can move. This turns loose items into projectiles that can easily hit you and your passengers and cause injury. In a recent study, loose items were found to be responsible for 13,000 auto collision injuries in one year.


The dangers of having another person in your car who is not strapped in with a seat belt are well known. Riding with an unrestrained person increases the risk of death of other passengers in the car by 25%, as the force of colliding with that person can injure them. The same idea applies to loose items. Soda cans, cell phones, luggage, coolers, and even pets are just some of the loose items that often pose dangers in the car.


Drivers can easily reduce this risk with a few safety checks.

Reduce the chances of an injury due to a loose item by making sure that your dash is completely clear. If you have water bottles, coffee, or other beverages, put them in the drink holders. Secure luggage with straps and put pets in carriers. When possible, put items in your trunk, rather than the interior of the car, for transport.


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