The 5 Worst Things For Your Car’s Paint Job

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The 5 Worst Things For Your Car’s Paint Job

The 5 Worst Things For Your Car’s Paint Job

sports-carYour car’s paint job not only maintains the look of your vehicle; it also helps to protect the body. However, there are many things that can damage the look and integrity of your paint job. If your car’s paint has been damaged, these are some of the most likely culprits.

Dead Insects and Bird Droppings

Over time, cars accumulate dead insects and bird droppings. Both insect internal fluids and bird droppings are acidic; leaving them on your car will eventually cause degradation of the paint, so make sure to wash them away regularly.

Vehicle Fluids

Vehicle fluids that splash onto your car can damage the paint. Get your car washed following maintenance to ensure any fluids are completely removed. Brake fluid in particular can be extremely damaging to paint, so have brake fluid leaks repaired immediately.

Abrasive Cleaners and Washing Techniques

Never use abrasive cleaning chemicals or scrub pads to wash your car. Ask your auto mechanic for recommendations if you aren’t sure which products to use. Wash your car with a flexible squeegee and a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the paint.

Writing in the Dust

It can be tempting to write “wash me” in the accumulated grime of a dirty car. However, this causes dirt and dust to abrade the paint as you write. Wash your car regularly and don’t allow anyone to write on it if you’re overdue for a cleaning.


Gasoline can cause stains on your car’s paint job that are very difficult to remove. Always take care when pumping gas and ensure the flow of gasoline has stopped before you remove the nozzle from your tank when filling up.

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