Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Paint Job

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Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Paint Job

Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Paint Job

You expect your car paint job to sustain some damage after a collision, but you might be surprised at the many, everyday things that could be taking a toll on the appearance of your ride. If damage to your paint is impacting the appearance of your car, a body shop can help make it look like new again. Here is a closer look at some of the unexpected things that could be impacted the look of your paint job.


Most people are so focused on putting gas in their tanks during a fill-up that they don’t even notice that splashed of gas that may hit the side of the car. In reality, there’s a good chance you’re getting gas on your paint job every time you fill your tank, whether castoff lands there when you’re moving the hose or you try to top off your tank and some runs down the side. The chemicals in gasoline can be extremely damaging to paint, and after repeated exposure, you’ll see the signs. Avoiding topping off and keeping a cloth handy to wipe around your tank will reduce this impact.

Tree Sap

If you park under trees, sap could be dripping on your car every day. As that sap sticks to your car, it tends to get hard and dry up. When it comes off, it takes the paint with it. Avoiding parking under trees as much as possible can help to alleviate some of this risk. When you see chips appearing, call a body shop for a paint touchup.

Bird Droppings

If your car seems to have a target it on when birds fly by, you’ll need to get it washed frequently to get rid of the droppings. Bird droppings are highly acidic, and the longer they sit, the more damage they are doing to your paint.

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