Steps To Take If Your Car Has Been Vandalized

Steps To Take If Your Car Has Been Vandalized

Steps To Take If Your Car Has Been Vandalized

Scratching Car With A Key

You grab your car keys, rush out the door, and discover your car’s been vandalized. Now what? If you have comprehensive coverage, your auto insurance policy should cover the damage to your car, which can range from a smashed windshield and slashed tires to scratches in the paint and defacement with spray paint or eggs. National Auto Collision Centers can repair body and paint damages resulting from vandalism so you can cruise with confidence. To help with your insurance claim, follow these steps after you discover your car has been vandalized.

Take Pictures and Notify the Police

The first thing you want to do take pictures of the damage. Your insurance provider may require evidence of vandalism to pay for the resulting paint and body repairs. You will also need to contact the police within 24 hours of discovering the vandalism. Filing a police report will give you an official record of the incident, which can also help with your auto insurance claim.

Call Your Insurance Company

In order to receive benefits, you will need to file a claim with your insurance provider as soon as you discover your car has been vandalized. After taking pictures and speaking with the police, call your insurance company and find out what documentation is required for a vandalism claim. The body shop you go to can also help you deal with your insurance company.

Visit National Auto Collision Centers

While you wait to hear back from your insurance company, bring your car to National Auto Collision Centers in Tucson. One of our trained estimators will provide a detailed written estimate and description of the repairs needed to help validate your insurance claim. Our office staff will work closely with you and your insurance provider to make sure you receive the policy benefits you are entitled to. If your claim is denied, we can offer you affordable repayment options to offset the cost of auto body and paint repair.