Reminders for Safely Sharing Roadways with Pedestrians

Reminders for Safely Sharing Roadways with Pedestrians

Whenever you’re driving, being aware of pedestrians is essential. Since every driver is also a pedestrian at some point, simply considering what makes you feel unsafe around vehicles can illustrate what not to do as a driver. These safety tips will also help you reduce the risk of an auto collision and safely share the roads with people who are traveling on two feet instead of four wheels. 

Remain Vigilant

Just as you check your mirrors before changing lanes and turn on your headlights at night, looking out for pedestrians should be second nature when you’re driving. Remember that pedestrians can always pop up in unexpected places, so be mindful at all times of the chance of encountering someone on foot. 

Stop Early for Crosswalks

At crosswalks, pedestrians have the right of way. You should always slow down and be ready to stop as you get near to a crosswalk. If you see pedestrians, stop and let them pass. Stopping ahead of the crosswalk will signal to pedestrians that you see them and will let them cross. Additionally, this alerts other drivers to the crosswalk and pedestrians, so that they can stop, too. If you approach a crosswalk and see cars stopped but don’t see the pedestrians, wait. Walkers may be in a position you can’t see, so never go around a stopped driver to clear a crosswalk. 

Be Cautious in Neighborhoods and School Zones

Speed limits are lower than normal in neighborhoods and school zones because of the potential for children running out into the road. Children are still learning road safety, so it’s important to drive cautiously through any area where children may be walking. The slower you are going, the easier it will be for you to react if a child does enter your path. 

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