Reducing Your Risk of an Accident When Driving at Night

Reducing Your Risk of an Accident When Driving at Night

Even for experienced drivers, nighttime driving comes with unique risks. The rate of auto collisions is higher at night, thanks to challenges like glare from oncoming headlights and fatigue. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make yourself safer on the road at night. Keep these tips in mind to reduce your risk of a collision during nighttime driving. 

Avoid Drowsy Driving

You should never get behind the wheel when you’re feeling drowsy, but many people try to push through fatigue when driving at night. If you’re driving and start to feel tired, take immediate action. Pull over in a safe area and rest before continuing or get a hotel room and get back on the road in the morning. Caffeine isn’t a substitute for rest when fatigue sets in. Also keep in mind when you’re driving at night that you have a higher risk of encountering drowsy drivers, even if you feel fine. 

Choose Safe Roads

Driving on two-lane highways with no streetlights can be especially challenging at night. Oncoming headlights can be blinding in this kind of scenario. If possible, avoid these kinds of roads at night and stick to well-lit streets or larger highways. If you have to drive on darker roads, try averting your eyes to the right when oncoming cars approach you, using the right side of the road to guide you. This will help you avoid the blinding glare of the oncoming lights. 

Slow Down

Because of the risks associated with nighttime driving, it’s definitely not a time for speeding. If you are going 40 miles per hour, you need about 190 feet to stop, but most headlights only illuminate 160 feet of roadway. If you’re going faster, you need even more stopping distance, and you won’t be able to see the full distance. For these reasons, sticking to the speed limit is essential at night. 

Even with your safest driving efforts, accidents do still happen. Fortunately, National Auto Collision Centers is here to help with everything from minor paint touch ups to major collision repairs in Tucson. For more information, call our repair shop on Valencia Rd. at (520) 889-2536.