Recognizing the Signs of Brake Problems

Recognizing the Signs of Brake Problems

Routine brake maintenance may seem like a chore, but functional brakes are crucial to keeping you and other drivers on the road safe. There are several signs of brake problems that are easily recognizable. Pay attention—the following signs may mean your brakes need to be checked out by a professional

Shedding Some Light

The most obvious indicator of a brake problem is an illuminated brake light on the dashboard. Usually situated near your check engine light, these lights could mean your emergency brake is engaged or that you simply need maintenance. However, a red or yellow brake indicator could also signify a serious defect that should be dealt with as soon as possible. 

Burning Up

Notice an acrid, burning smell after braking? Your brakes or clutch are probably overheated. If this happens, it’s best to stop driving immediately and wait for them to cool down. Overheating are often caused by slamming on the brakes repeatedly, so driving at safe speeds and keeping a proper following distance behind other vehicles will help you avoid this common problem. 

Sounding Off

Properly working brakes shouldn’t make a lot of noise. If you hear squealing or grinding when you step down on the brake pedal, it could mean that your brake pads are worn through. Taking care of worn pads will not only keep you safe, but also prevent expensive damage to your rotors. 

Feeling the Vibration

If your steering wheel begins to vibrate or shake when you hit the brakes, your rotors could be damaged or uneven. It’s best to get to an automotive professional right away. Prompt service can save you the cost of a full rotor replacement. 

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