New Year’s Resolutions For Safer Driving

New Year’s Resolutions For Safer Driving

New Year’s Resolutions For Safer Driving

Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility, but when you’re in a rush and distracted, it’s easy to let your guard down. Unfortunately, allowing even a little bit of your attention to  slip can significantly increase your risk of being involved in an auto collision. If you New Year’s resolution is to recommit to driving safety, these tips will help you keep your commitment.


Slow Down

Speed is one of the leading contributors to auto collisions. When you speed, it makes it more difficult to use defensive driving techniques to avoid hazards when they appear. Speeding also increases the risk of severe injuries and damage during an accident. Never exceed the posted speed limits. Sometimes, this makes other drivers behave aggressively. Resist the urge to speed up and instead stay to the right to allow them to pass you.


Put Down Your Phone

Most people know about the dangers of drinking and driving, but did you know that using your cellphone while you are driving could be just as dangerous? Cellphones are a factor in a huge number of auto collisions. They distract you from keeping your attention on the road. Using your car’s hand-free system is better than texting or making a call with your phone your hand, but it still distracts you and slows your reaction times. The best policy is to save all calls, texts, and emails for when you’re not behind the wheel.


Avoid Drowsy Driving

If you’re tired and feeling overwhelmed, the last place you need to be is behind the wheel. Don’t get into the car to drive when you feel fatigued, and if you’re on a long trip, take frequent breaks. If you’re having a hard time staying awake, pull over. Don’t count on coffee, loud music, or rolling down the windows to perk you up.


Even with your best safe driving efforts, auto collisions can still happen. When they do, National Auto Collision Centers is here to help with fast, accurate repairs, so you can get back on the road quickly. Schedule an appointment for collision repairs in Tucson by calling (520) 623-4959.