Important Strategies for Driving Around Big Rigs

Important Strategies for Driving Around Big Rigs

Driving through Southern Arizona on I-10 and other major highways, there’s no shortage of big rigs. Therefore, it’s always worth brushing up on some safety tips for driving near commercial trucks, even if you’ve been driving for years. Big rig drivers require special training and licenses to drive their vehicles because these trucks are big, slow, and hard to maneuver. They also provide drivers with much less visibility than the average passenger vehicle. If you’re on the road near an 18-wheeler, here’s what to keep in mind. 

Leave Lots of Space

Large trucks need ample room to turn, change lanes, and park. Be sure to provide them with enough breathing room to make these maneuvers without threatening your vehicle. Big rigs also have significant blind spots on both sides, so don’t make a habit of cruising alongside trucks on the highway. Remember the adage: “If you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you”. 

Never Pass on the Right

Passing on the right is never a good idea, but it can be a disaster if you’re passing a big rig. Always wait until you have an opening on the left to pass a commercial truck. 

No Sudden Braking 

If you find yourself in front of a truck, be extra cautious about hazards in front of you, such as other vehicles or objects on the road. If you suddenly slam on your brakes, a big rig would likely not be able to stop in time and avoid hitting your vehicle. Trucks are big and heavy, so they need much more time (and thus, more room) to slow down and come to a full stop. 

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