How Keeping Your Car Clean Can Keep You Safer on the Road

How Keeping Your Car Clean Can Keep You Safer on the Road

Most drivers know that they shouldn’t use their phones on the road or get behind the wheel impaired, but did you know that the cleanliness of your car also has implications for road safety? There are several different ways your car cleaning habit can impact your risk of an auto collision, so if your vehicle is overdue for a trip to the car wash, getting it done could keep you and your passengers safer on the road. Here are just a few of the ways that cleaner cars are safer cars. 

There are fewer distractions in clean cars. 

If you’re prone to tossing things in your car on the go, you’re likely to end up with a car filled with things you don’t really need with you. As you drive, you’ll hear things shifting around or catch a glimpse of something you’ve been looking for, which will tempt you to take your attention off the road and onto your car’s contents. Keep your car free from clutter, so you can focus on driving.

Clutter can be dangerous in an accident. 

When you’re in a car accident, anything in your car can turn into a projectile and cause injury. Having a car filled with clutter means you have a car filled with projectiles that could harm you and your passengers in a collision. These injuries can be serious and even deadly, especially during a high-impact crash or an accident that causes your vehicle to roll over. 

Clean cars have clearer visuals. 

When your windows and mirrors aren’t clean, you can’t see the road clearly. Dirt and grime can easily turn into blind spots, and when you’re driving in the rain, your visibility in a dirty car will be even lower. It’s also easier for other drivers to see you when your car is clean, as dirt and debris can dim your lights. 

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