Everything You Need to Know About Crumple Zones

Everything You Need to Know About Crumple Zones

It’s tough to imagine what automobiles looked like for the first several generations of drivers on the road. Without features we now take for granted such as seatbelts and airbags, driving used to be dangerous business. It’s still not without risks, of course, but modern safety standards ensure that most collisions are considered minor fender benders rather than tragic fatalities. One of the more modern innovations in vehicle safety is the crumple zone. Crumple zones are designed to absorb more of the impact of an accident by becoming crushed upon a collision. Here’s what you should know about this safety feature. 

Crumple zones protect passengers from more severe injuries. 

Crumple zones typically exist in the front and rear of passenger vehicle frames. Upon significant impact, such as striking another vehicle or a large object like a tree, the crumple zone will live up to its name becoming crushed due to impact. While the damage to the vehicle will look bad, it will spare the driver and passengers from more significant injuries caused by the collision impact. With this design, vehicles are better able to prevent fatalities, broken bones, and other serious injuries often associated with car crashes. 

Auto body repair can address crumple zones damaged in a collision. 

If the crumple zone of your vehicle has been damaged by a collision, you might think based on appearances that the vehicle is at the end of its life. However, the damage can often be repaired with specialized equipment to straighten the vehicle frame. Following this repair, your auto body shop can repair the vehicle’s suspension and other body damage to restore it to pre-accident condition. 

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