Essential Tips For Preserving Your Car’s Paint

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Essential Tips For Preserving Your Car’s Paint

Essential Tips For Preserving Your Car’s Paint

Hyundai2 BeforeOne of the best ways to keep your car looking like new is to maintain its paint. Paint damage isn’t always due to a collision or accident—often, everyday factors can contribute to chipped, peeling, or fading paint on your car. Knowing how to preserve your car’s paint is a positive step toward keeping your vehicle looking its best, regardless of its age.

Clean Up After Refueling

Do you ever notice a few stray droplets of gasoline escaping from the nozzle after refueling? When excess gasoline comes into contact with your car’s paint, it can cause discoloration and staining. Avoid topping off your tank and wipe away any excess gasoline that may drip down the side of your car after refueling. If you accidentally spill more than a few drops of gasoline on your car, use a bottle of detailing spray and a microfiber cloth to clean up the mess.

Wash Your Car Often

One of the easiest ways to preserve your car’s paint is to keep it clean. Wash your car once every few weeks, or more often under conditions such as nearby wildfires, high pollen levels, or frequent highway driving. The longer dirt, debris, and other particles are allowed to remain on your paint, the more damage they can cause. Cleaning your car regularly will prevent widespread damage and keep your vehicle looking like new.

Avoid Parking Under Trees

Trees not only shed leaves that can trap moisture and dirt against your car’s paint, they can also house birds as well. Bird droppings are highly acidic, causing extensive damage to vehicle paint in a short period of time. Avoid parking near or under trees to minimize the likelihood of paint damage, and wash away any droppings or leaves as soon as you notice them.

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