Avoid A Car Collision With These Safe Driving Tips

Avoid A Car Collision With These Safe Driving Tips

Avoid A Car Collision With These Safe Driving Tips

200368773-001While major car collisions can be devastatingly tragic, even minor accidents can result in costly vehicle repairs and medical bills. Most people have heard the advice of looking both ways when entering an intersection and not tailgating other drivers to avoid a car accident. Here are some less commonly heard safety tips to help drivers stay safe on the road.

Avoid the fast lane

On multilane roads, drivers are better able to avoid a crash when traveling in the center or right lane. If a driver traveling in one of these further lanes suddenly encounters a problem, he or she can quickly change lanes and pull onto the shoulder. Not only does the left lane experience more highway accidents, but it is also more noticeable to highway patrol looking to give speeding tickets.

Scan far ahead

Not only should drivers be closely monitoring the car right in front of them, but they should also be looking at the next car in front. Being aware of traffic situations further up the road can help a driver react to sudden problems. This extra time decreases a driver’s chances of rear-ending another vehicle if it suddenly makes a stop.

Notice blind spots

Even though drivers should adjust the side mirrors and rearview mirror to make the scenery behind visible, they shouldn’t solely rely on these mirrors. Before moving to another lane, a driver should actually turn and look directly into the next lane. This will help the driver see any cars or objects that were undetectable in the mirrors. At the same time, drivers should be aware of the blind spots of other drivers, especially truckers. Instead of relying on the trucker to check the lane before merging, drivers should try to avoid traveling in the blind spots.

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