Are You Guilty of Any of These Risky Driving Behaviors?

Are You Guilty of Any of These Risky Driving Behaviors?

From lane departure warnings to automatic emergency braking and beyond, late model cars are equipped with more advanced safety features than ever before. Yet, even the most high-tech vehicle can’t completely erase the possibility of an accident, and the following driver errors are a major cause of crashes. 

Driving While Impaired

Everyone knows—or should know—that driving while drunk is a major problem that costs thousands of lives each year. Yet, people continue to do it, often because they underestimate the extent to which just one or two drinks will affect them. Know that any amount of alcohol will impair your ability to drive safely. Play it safe and call for a cab or a rideshare vehicle. In addition, consider other possible sources of impairment. Even legal, prescription drugs can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. 


Tailgating won’t get you to your destination any faster. In fact, it might only encourage the forward driver to slow down. As a general rule of thumb, you should leave at least one car length of space for every 10 miles per hour between you and the vehicle ahead of you. For example, if you’re traveling at 50 mph, you should leave at least five car lengths of space. Adverse weather and road conditions call for additional space and a slower speed.

Failing to Check Your Blind Spot

Checking your mirrors before you switch lanes isn’t enough. You must physically turn your head to check your blind spot every time. It’s all too easy for another vehicle, such as a motorcycle, to be hiding in your blind spot. If you can’t see the vehicle, you’re likely to merge right into it.


Speeding is a top cause of car accidents, and there are lots of ways that this risky driving behavior can land you in trouble. If there is a sharp curve ahead, you might not be able to slow down enough to navigate it safely. If a car ahead of you suddenly brakes, you might not be able to avoid crashing into it. If you’re running late, remind yourself that speeding will only get you to your destination a couple of minutes sooner.

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